About us

BIG is Israel’s leading company in developing open-air and lifestyle shopping center's. The Company was founded in 1994 by Yehuda Naftali with the dream of developing American-style open-air shopping centers in Israel.

The BIG Group is the owner and manager of yield-bearing real estate in Israel, the U.S, Serbia, Montenegro, and France, and it engages in the development of fully or partially-owned land in Israel and Serbia.
The Company is the controlling shareholder of Afi Properties (approx. 89.29%), which develops and manages yield-bearing real estate in Israel and Eastern Europe (Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Serbia).
BIG mainly focuses on the commercial shopping center industry, while Afi Properties focuses on offices and residences for rent. The Group also invests and operates in the sector of renewable energy.
At present, the BIG Group is developing, operating, and managing 139 projects around the world, including 56 shopping centers and malls, 35 office buildings, 16 residence projects, and 7 logistic centers.

The Company has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 2006, and its securities are listed in the TA-35 Index, The Real Estate-15 Index, and the TEL-Dividend Index.

Company operations

BIG Shopping Centers [Ltd.] is a publicly-traded company engaged in development, investment & management of projects in retail, logistics, offices, residences for rent, and renewable energy, with the majority of its business operations focused on yield-bearing real estate.

As of its early days, BIG Group has focused on operating and leasing retail space in the format of open-air shopping centers as well as project development, both through the construction of such centers and through their acquisition. The Group is also engaged in the construction, operation, and leasing of indoor shopping centers (malls) and lifestyle centers, inspired by the “street mall” concept (built as pedestrian streets) and broadly known as “Big Fashion”. The Company further works to expand the field of renewable energy in both Israel and the Balkan states.

Business strategy

BIG is engaged in the construction, development, acquisition, and holding of lifestyle shopping centers, malls under the “Big Fashion” brand, open-air malls, and mixed-use assets, including offices, residences, hotels, senior housing, medical facilities, and more. The Company intends to continue focusing its operations on Israel and the states of former Yugoslavia, the Balkan states, Poland and Romania. In the logistics sector, the Company currently operates in France and Serbia. The Company intends to continue and expand its activity in that business – segment to other countries in the former – Yugoslavia and Balkan regions, by acquiring and developing land and/or acquiring existing properties and their renovation and/or preservation.
In the renewable energy sector, BIG is heading towards significant growth in Israel, former Yugoslavia countries, the Balkan states, Poland, and Romania. In order to promote this sector, the Company has established an ‘energy branch’, made of a professional team which aims to identify and examine yield-bearing projects and the possible appropriation of rights in projects in various stages of development – in the areas of, inter alia, wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy and energy storage.
In addition, the Company operates roof-top photo-voltaic systems over the roofs of the shopping centers under its management. On November 19th, 2020, the Company Board of Directors made a strategic decision to dispose of all of the Company’s operations in the US. It is the Company’s intention to direct the financial resources emerging from the disposal of the Company’s US-based activity to, inter alia, the expansion of its operation in the markets in which it currently operates in other geographic regions.