Community relations

As a leading company with shopping centers spread all across Israel, From Eilat to Kiryat Shmona, we place considerable value on interacting and connecting to the local communities of which we are an integral part. We have a deep commitment to strengthening, empowering and promoting equal opportunities for children and youth who live in the communities in which we operate, and accordingly, we work to provide financial support, infrastructure and connecting links, and to create significant collaborations with non-profit organizations operating in the field of education in order to promote such objectives.

BIG promotes an executive outlook which endorses and combines social, environmental, and ethical considerations in its business operations. We believe that we have a responsibility to bring socially valuable messages to the enormous clientele which frequents our shopping centers, and we are working to facilitate significant programs which have the power to positively impact Israeli society.

BIG Wishes Project

BIG had set itself the goal of helping dozens of nonprofits with the process of finding and recruiting volunteers, with the aim of strengthening the values of mutual assistance and solidarity in Israeli society. In the context of the project which the Group initiated, hundreds of thousands of BIG customers have been directed to a designated volunteering website, in which they can register for volunteering activities while obtaining the benefit of selecting a shopping discount provided, in turn, by leading Israeli brands who had donated to the project.

In order to motivate people to make the decision and volunteer to contribute to the broader social good, we recruited the leading brands in Israel to the project.

* This project is in collaboration with the Wishing Well initiative and the National Council for Volunteering in Israel

Quiet Centers project

On the first Sunday of every month, the shopping experience at BIG is tailored to people with sensory sensitivity and neurodiversity. Once a month, all of the stores in BIG’s shopping centers adjust and reduce the amount of sensory stimulus in the centers by turning off the announcement system, music, and screens in the stores, dimming the lighting, and lowering the volume of beeping. These efforts make it possible for children and adults with sensory regulation difficulties to enjoy a specially-tailored shopping experience.

“We decided to take action for the people and families who desperately need a personally-tailored shopping environment. We have secured full cooperation from the tenants, who were thrilled to hear about, and take part in, the initiative, and some had even proceeded in maintaining the Quiet Center principles within their stores .”

Yasmin Elad, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, BIG Group

* The project is in collaboration with: Safe Place initiative and the Association for Children at Risk

Attentive centers project

A project for making the shopping experience more accessible and improved for the deaf, through a designated app which makes it possible for customers to conduct a real-time conversation in real time with access to a sign language interpreter. This service has created an opportunity for deaf customers to conduct effective communication and receive a more accessible and better service experience vis-à-vis sales-personnel in the stores. The service is provided free of charge in all BIG shopping centers.

* The project is in collaboration with: Sign Now app