Corporate responsibility

The BIG Group sees the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects into its business operations as a growth driver leading to the creation of long-term value for the group and its various stakeholders. We are guided by our belief in the values of business ethics and environmental, community, and corporate responsibility, and we consider this culture an integral part of our success as a business. We cultivate an organizational culture promoting the values of transparency, an enabling work environment, contribution to the community, and fairness in business, towards all stakeholders of the group: employees, tenants, customers, suppliers, local government, business partners, and shareholders.

Social engagement

As a leading company with shopping centers located nationwide, from Eilat in the south to Kiryat Shmona in the north, we see great value in connecting with the local communities to which we belong. We are deeply committed to strengthening, empowering, and promoting equal opportunities for children and adolescents in the towns where we operate. Accordingly, we provide assistance in the form of monetary support, infrastructures, connections, and substantial collaborations with non-profit organizations working in the field of education to advance these goals.


As a leading real-estate group, BIG is committed to rigorous protection of the environment in its activities, and strives to set an example of responsible environmental behavior. BIG sees the protection of the environment not only as a duty but as a privilege and an opportunity, due to its belief in the importance of balancing economic development with sustainability. Our environmental responsibility is reflected in our continual efforts to reduce the company’s ecological footprint, and applies to all of our stakeholders – tenants, visitors, residents, employees, suppliers, and the community as a whole.

Corporate governance

The BIG Group takes pride in its ethical business culture; its actions are grounded in dedication to fair conduct in business, with strict adherence to all of the provisions of the law. The company and its employees are mutually committed to action guided by sound ethical and moral principles. We cultivate an organizational culture promoting the values of transparency, an enabling work environment, and contribution to the community, towards our customers, suppliers, and employees. BIG views this culture as a vital element of the success of the group’s business.

Code of ethics

The group has a code of ethics that describes the values that underlie every process of decision-making, management, and growth at the group, and serves as the anchor ensuring that we continue to act to exert an optimal impact on all of the stakeholders of the group.

Policy documents

The policy documents listed above reflect our position and commitments as an organization in areas material to our activity.